Race Day Parking

If you are parking a car (rather than being dropped off), YOU MUST ARRIVE BEFORE 7:15 A.M.  Scholar's Lane is on the race route, and it will close at 7:20 a.m.  If you arrive after 7:15, you WILL NOT have enough time to park and get to the start line.


From Lake Road, turn right (east) onto Scholar's Lane to campus; Staff will direct

you to parking.  There is NO additional cost for parking.


Timing Chips 

Our timing is brought to you by SVE Timing Co.  Your timing chip is affixed to your bib number.  Please pin/affix your bib number to the front of your shirt. Please don't bend or damage it, as this may impact its functioning.   Your final race results will be available on SVE's website: http://www.svetiming.com/results.   We have created a link for you to follow on our website. Results will also be posted at the finish line periodically throughout the race.  Before you leave for the day, you can check your standing and finish time.  


Aid Station Electrolyte and Nutrition

There are eight (7) aid stations stocked with water and GU Brew electrolyte approximately every two miles.  You'll go past aid station 1 TWO TIMES.  There will be an aid station every (1) mile from 9 through 12.  Aid stations 4 through 7 will have GU gel packets in addition to the water and electrolyte.  Hereis a map with the aid stations circled in RED.  Particularly for walkers or first-timers, we strongly recommend you carry at least 20 oz of water with you.  Here's a link to a hydration device we love.


A word about GPS

A lot of us are wearing these, and they're great.  However, if you cross the finish line and your GPS says something like 13.13 or 13.07, consider the following:  We have measured the course for the shortest possible distance from start to finish. Thus, if you veer for an aid station stop, bathroom stop, or start weaving to pass other runners, you're going to add additional distance to your race.  Further, if your GPS drops out or cuts corners, you may be slightly under distance.


Course Direction  (Half Marathon)

There will be direction in many forms.  First, there is a pacer for the lead runner. Second, there are volunteers all over the course prepared to point you in the right direction.  Third, there will be marking at your feet on Rascal Bike Path in colorful hues: 

                        FOLLOW GREEN OR WHITE ARROWS

                        DO NOT CROSS BLUE LINES (BLUE = BAD)

For the 5K, your course markings will include chalk along the course and volunteers to point you in the right direction.  You 'll be proceeding down Scholar's Lane (west), turning north (right) on Lake Road, proceeding on the south-bound lane (against traffic – the road will be closed), through the Yosemite Lake park gate, left after the first parking lot, swinging close to the beach area, past Veterans Cove, a short out and back on the main road, and then onto a bike path returning to the UC.  Below is an updated map.  


Pacers (Half Marathon)

RunningAddicts pacers are sponsored by McDonald's. We are so excited to have RunningAddicts pacing Merco again this year.  There are seven (7) paced finish times:  1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, and 2:30.  The pacers are outfitted with Carolina Blue McDonald's Shirts and they're carrying pace signs with their projected finish times.  If you want to run a particular finish time, stick with the pacer who's got the sign closest to your goal time.  They'll get you there, if you can hang with them. Don't forget, though, you are responsible to follow the course markings and paying attention to traffic.  Don't follow blindly. 


A special thank you to our pacer sponsor, McDonald's and to Motel 6 for sponsoring the pacers' accommodations!  

Kids (ages 5-10) Trick-or-Trot:  This is a new 50-yard dash for kids - strictly for fun and treats!  Will begin at 8:30 just in front of the finish line.  Sign up at packet pick up on Saturday, October 15 OR Sunday before the race. $2 Fee per kid. 

Breakfast (All Participants)

There will be an assortment of food at the finish line for breakfast including fruit, bagels, muffins, and granola bars, along with water and soda.


Age Group Awards (Half Marathon)

These 1st place boulders cannot be shipped, so if you skip the awards, you're out of luck.  We will award our age-groupers as soon as we have all our age group finishers across the finish line (depending on finish times).


Finisher Crew Bibs

The bib numbers are brought to you courtesy of Fluetsch and Busby Insurance.  We are also offering red "finisher
crew" finishing bibs for kids who participate in the trick-or-trot.  


Race Day Information

Time Limit:

There is a 5-hour limit for finishing the course.  To stay within the time constraints, you MUST maintain at least a 5-hour pace around the entire course.  This equates to a 23-minute per mile pace.   We will, however, require you to maintain a 21 minute per mile pace for the first 10.5 miles to account for slow-down at the later miles of the course. Because safety of our race participants and volunteers is our HIGHEST priority, we must strictly enforce this pace.  Therefore, we will be enforcing the pace-restriction along the course at 4 points.  

If you fail to maintain the pacing below, a course marshal will pick you up and return you to the start/finish line or to a closer place on the course where you are parked.  If you refuse to be swept (i.e., you continue on the course), the race directors will permanently disqualify you from the race.  This may sound harsh, but the safety of the course is compromised exponentially every second a runner or volunteer is on the course later than expected.

(1)       Runners/walkers have 86 minutes to complete the first 4 miles of the course.  This means you must reach G-Street by no later than 8:56.  (This is 6 minutes faster than a 5-hour pace because we must account for fatigue near the end of the race (i.e., the more you've done on the course, generally the slower you'll go)).

(2)       Runners/walkers have until 9:57 (2.5 hours) to reach the Rascal Creek Bike Path (mile 7).  If you do not reach the path by 9:57, we will ask you to stop because you will not complete the course in the required time.

(3)      Runners/walkers have until 10:40 to reach Rahilly Park (~ mile 8.8, aid station 4).  If you are not past Rahilly Park by 10:40 a.m., the course marshal will ask you to stop and will return you to the start/finish or your car.

(4)       Runners/walkers have until 11:15 a.m. to reach the Lake Road Bike Path (approximately mile 10.5).  

(5)       Runners/walkers have until 12:30 to reach the finish line at UCM (mile 13.1).

Please understand, we want to see you realize whatever goal you've set for yourself, and we'll take no pleasure in asking you to stop if you fail to meet the course time limits; nevertheless, we must prioritize the safety interests of participants and volunteers above all else.  The course deadlines are geared to achieve that goal and they are not subject to negotiation.